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Office with a View

Consulting Services

Onsite Group Consultation

-Evaluation of movement patterns, posture, and work demands

-Hands on coaching and training on job-specific ergonomics and injury prevention exercises

Educational Seminars

-Learn about common job specific musculoskeletal disorders, current ergonomic recommendations, and job-specific injury prevention tactics

Individual Consultation

-Orthopedic Physical Therapy Evaluation

-Individualized, job-specific injury prevention program development

-Home office ergonomic assessment 

-Return to activity and enhance performance

Why Hire ME?


Ergonomics has its limitations when it comes to preventing musculoskeletal disorders.  Physical therapists are movement experts.  We have the best eyes to analyze posture, observe movement patterns, identify and predict musculoskeletal dysfunction.  We are the experts at diagnosing and treating.  So, why not preventing?

My mission is to empower workers by giving them the knowledge on why and how pain develops based on their ergonomic risk factors and giving them the tools to prevent pain and injury.

Message to Employers:

Employee Wellness

Employees have more job satisfaction when performing their job pain-free. This in turn leads to improved performance, productivity, and patient satisfaction.

Investing NOW in educating workers how to take care of themselves and prevent injuries saves the costs of treating several individual chronic injuries later which results in missed time from work and decreased productivity.

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