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Home Office Ergonomics Consulation

On a Laptop

Why do I need one?

Anyone who spends hours working from home at a desk, computer or phone will benefit.  Having the most optimal set up will help to prevent aches and pains that develop from working at a desk or computer.


Ignoring aches and pains could lead to more chronic and debilitating injuries down the road.

Common conditions: neck pain, low back pain, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, tension headaches

A physical therapist will analyze risk factors such workstation setup, postural alignment, body mechanics, work habits,  movement patterns, and level of fitness to aid in treatment and prevention of work-related injury and pain.



Doctor Checking a Form



Musculoskeletal and postural assessment

Assessment of office setup

Discussion of assessment and findings

Implement Recommendations

Modifications made to workspace

Postural education

Office Worker Education

Injury prevention strategies

Postural home exercise program

Pain relief techniques

Prevention is key. Don't wait for pain to start!

Based in Nolensville, TN

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