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Ergonomic Risk Factors

Healthcare workers are prone to musculoskeletal injuries due to the nature of their work.

Risk factors include: (1) High task repetition, (2) Forceful exertions, (3) Awkward postures and positions.

Minor aches when working are ignored which can then turn into chronic debilitating injuries, missed days from work, reduced productivity, and in some cases shortened careers.  

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Did you know?​

  • Healthcare workers experience or have experienced work related pain or injury during their career.  For some, it has been debilitating, ending their careers early.​  

  • Sprains and strains account for most commonly reported injury among healthcare workers.

  • Ergonomic guidelines are sparse and are not adequate in preventing musculoskeletal injuries and reducing ergonomic risk in the medical field.​

  • Money is lost and patient care suffers when a medical worker misses work, takes medical leave,  or reduces hours due to musculoskeletal disorders.​

  • Workplace injuries come at high costs to hospitals.  One serious injury can lead to ten of thousands of dollars lost.​

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